Song of the day: Radio Birdman – "New Race"

April 21, 2010

And now for something a little simpler…

Here are Australian punks Radio Birdman with their anthem* “New Race”:

Radio Birdman – “New Race” (1977)


Radio Birdman – “New Race” (original version) (1977)


Radio Birdman – “New Race” (live) (1977)


Never underestimate the power of three chords.

In the live version, I like the spectacularly wrong chord at 0:56 and how they all just plough through it, not caring one bit (they’re punks!) – and playing the song as if it’s the last song they will ever play.

Official website
Radio Birdman on MySpace

(*Well, maybe not an anthem – but it’s the song they’re best-known for in Australia.)