Song of the day: Rail – "Speed Limit"

January 17, 2013

Today’s song wasn’t going to make an appearance here, because musically it’s far removed from what I like to put on this blog. But then it occurred to me that I can put whatever I like on the blog. (Well, maybe not the classical music I enjoy listening to.)

Ah, the beauty of having a blog.

Anyway, I found today’s song quite by accident. Somebody on Facebook posted a song from the ’90s by Australian band Rail (“Immune Deficiency“). I had a listen, didn’t enjoy it much, and wondered if there were any other Rail songs I would enjoy, so I toodled off to YouTube for some more Rail. I listened to another Rail song, and didn’t enjoy that either.

(Please bear with me. I will get to the point before this post is finished.)

As you know, on the right of the main YouTube video is a list of related videos. When I was watching a Rail video, one of the videos in the list on the right was called “RAIL (US) – Speed Limit (1984)“. The thumbnail picture in the video was this:

I thought: “I’m game”.

So I clicked the play button, had a listen – and enjoyed it enormously. As I was listening, I spent most of the time laughing. When the song finished, I knew what I had to do…

Put it here.

Rail – “Speed Limit” (1984)

Official website

I like having a music blog.