Song of the day: Ray Brown And The Whispers: "Fool, Fool, Fool"

July 6, 2012

Today’s song is a chipper little ditty from the 60’s:

Ray Brown And The Whispers – “Fool, Fool, Fool (1965)


I can’t think of anything illuminating to say about “Fool, Fool, Fool”, but I do want to make this post a little longer than yesterday’s frightfully short one. (Looking back on it I think it was probably too short.)

I know what I can do. I’ll just start typing some nonsense until I think this post is long enough.

The barnacles were heavy on the bottom of the boat. As he was removing them, Bill the Bosun wondered if English scientists would ever discover his secret. He knew that Swedish mathematicians had almost found out what he had been hiding all these years, but wasn’t sure about the scientists in England. If they knew Bill’s last name was Higgs, he’d be sunk. He wouldn’t be able to hide any longer. He’d have to own up, and admit….

The phone rang.

“Hello. Is that Bill the Bosun?”


“This is Betty Bilger. I’m a reporter from the Barabass Bending Blighter. Can I ask a couple of quick questions?”

Bill gulped.


“I’ve made some enquiries and discovered that you run a company called the Bosun Tannery. Is that correct?”


“And how long have you run the Bosun Tannery?”

“It’s been in my family for two hundred years.”

“Excellent. Thanks for clearing that up. And just one more thing: is your last name Higgs?”

Bill sighed. He knew this day would come.


“And do you have a particle belonging to English scientists?”

I hope this post is long enough now.

Song of the day: Ray Brown And The Whispers – "(Ain’t It) Strange"

May 31, 2012

I heard today’s song on the radio yesterday and thought:

“I like that. I’d like it on the blog so other people can like it, too. Or they may not like it. Never mind. Beat music from the Sixties isn’t to everyone’s taste. So there’s no guarantee that whoever listens to is going to think it’s as groovy as I do. But that’s OK. You can’t expect everyone to like what you put on the blog. And another thing: Why are you having this silly internal conversation?”

Ray Brown And The Whispers – “(Ain’t It) Strange (1966)


And here’s the original:

The Uniques – “Strange (1966)


I’d like to state for the record* that I think “The Uniques” is a great name for a 1960s band.

(*Pun unfortunately intended.)

Song of the day: Ray Brown & The Whispers – "Pride"

October 14, 2011

The last few posts have been getting away from this blog’s raison d’être – and the possible reason why you’re here – which is to play you Australian power pop. So, I’ll rummage around in my music bag, see what I can find, and…

Found something.

It’s not power pop, but it is Australian (sort of).

Here’s Australian Merseybeat* group Ray Brown & The Whispers with a song that I can only describe as “dinky” (I really can’t think of another word to describe it):

Ray Brown & The Whispers – “Pride (1965)


Here’s the original:

Brent Edwards – “Pride (1963)


And here’s the 1963 cover of the original that “inspired” Ray’s version (i.e., the version that Ray & co. ripped off):

Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas – “Pride (1963)


(*I have a feeling that when The Beatles invaded every country that was able to hear them, every other group became a Merseybeat group.)