Song of the day: Redondo Beat – "The Sweetest Sound"

January 12, 2011

It’s “new band” time again, folks.

A lovely lady by the name of Talia (Hi, Talia!) contacted me and asked if I’d like to have a listen to an album by a band she’s looking after.

“Oh no,” I hear you moan, “it’s gonna be one of those horribly long posts again!” You can rest easy – today’s post won’t be an enormously gargantuan one like the one you had to endure recently for Sharif Iman. (If you didn’t read that post, and you’re feeling exceptionally brave, you can find it here.)

The band that Talia wanted me to listen to is Redondo Beat, and they have an album called Meet Redondo Beat which was officially released only yesterday (fresh!).

Unfortunately, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the band’s name ever since Talia told me about them. Up until now, the only “Redondo” I’d ever heard of is a place called Redondo Beach, so whenever I type the band’s name I automatically type “Redondo Beach” and have to correct it after noticing that I’d just typed “Beach” again. Grrr.

Anyway, Redondo Beach Beat is the brainchild of Roman Aul, a chap from Germany. Roman’s one of those multi-instrumentalist whizz-kid types who beaver away on their own in a recording studio (or maybe their bedroom – you can do that nowadays), releasing albums whenever the mood strikes. For his latest project (i.e., Redondo Beat), Roman recruited fellow countryfellows Maximilian Schneider on drums and Katrin Marleen Einert on backing vocals.

I won’t prattle on about either the band or the album in this post. This time I’m going to say only a few words about ’em then get out of the way so you can listen for yourself.

Here’s my incredibly short spiel about Redondo Beat:

If you’re wondering what kind of music it is, I can sum it up in three words: Retro; Retro; Retro. It’s a bit of Sixties, a bit of Fifties, and a lot of fun.

I’ve listened to Meet Redondo Beat five times now, and enjoyed it enormously with each spin. And I’m probably going to play it one more time before I finish typing this post.

Now I’ll let the music do the talking…

Let the Retro begin!

Redondo Beat – “The Sweetest Sound” (2011)


Redondo Beat – “My Baby (Knows How To Have A Real Good Time)” (2011)

[I like the little Creedence Clearwater Revival reference in this song.]

Redondo Beat – “Melina” (2011)


And here’s one more, in audiovisual form:

I find those songs a heap o’ fun. The whole album only lasts half an hour, so when I play it all the way through I find it very easy just to press “play” again. Which is exactly what I think I’ll do. Now, if you’ll excuse me…

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