Song of the day: The Iguana – "California My Way"

November 11, 2009

Here’s The Iguana* with “California My Way” (1968), a great ‘ba-ba-ba’ song that for some reason quickly becomes a ‘doodly-doodly-doodly-do’ song:


I was wondering why an Australian band was singing about an American state when I discovered that it was a cover. The original is by The 5th Dimension (why didn’t I know that?), and this is precisely what it sounds like:

The 5th Dimension – “California My Way” (1967)


Incidentally, here’s another Australian version of the song:

Redtime – “California My Way” (1971)

(*I find it slightly weird that they’re called ‘The Iguana’. Why not ‘The Iguanas’? Why just one? And why is it “The Iguana” instead of “An Iguana”? Was there a particular iguana the band was thinking of when they named themselves? Did one of the members have a pet iguana? And if so, why didn’t they name the band after the name of the pet iguana? Despite all of those unanswered questions, I keep thinking the band’s name is supposed to be plural, and have to constantly resist the urge to type “The Iguanas” every time I see it. This is because, since the dawn of time, bands have tended to give themselves names, however silly, in the plural. As a tiny Australian example, there were “The Allniters,” “The Allusions,” “The Atlantics,” etc – and that’s just the ‘A’s. Even a band name I made up once, “Ugly Rick’s 92-piece Jazz Detonators,” was plural. That came from a fictitious band history I once wrote to go with a demo tape our band had made. Our band was real, but the history I wrote for each member was entirely un-real. I’d written that the drummer, before he joined our band, used to be in the Jazz Detonators. Well, why not?)