Musical coincidences # 153

December 1, 2011

You’re no doubt aware of all those singing competitions based on American Idol. There’s a plethora of Australian ones as well. Let’s see… there’s:

(One of those may not actually exist.)

Anyway, the one that’s been most popular in households around Australia this year is The X Factor. It finished a couple of weeks ago, the winner is the Justin Beiber-ish Reece Mastin. (He’s young and cute, and has hair that appears to be glued to his head.)

Reece’s song is “Good Night”, and a lot – no, make that A LOT – of people all over the Internet (and probably elsewhere) have stated rather vociferously that “Good Night” is a shameless rip-off of Pink‘s “Raise Your Glass“. I’ve now heard both songs, and as far as the guitar introduction and beat go I’d agree and say “Yep”. But the rest of Reece’s song isn’t… it’s… well, it’s not exactly like the Pink song.

I thought I’d put them both here so you can decide for yourself how similar the two are. If you’re willing to submit to an onslaught of high-energy, highly-compressed, highly-processed sounds, here then are two very loud pop songs:

(Helpful hint: you only need to listen to the first 30 seconds of each song to hear the similarities.)

Reece Mastin – “Good Night” (2011)

Pink – “Raise Your Glass (2010)

Reece performing “Good Night” on The X Factor

(*I’d like to say a special “grrr” to the grammar in that title. “Australia’s Got Talent”? What’s wrong with “Australia has talent”?)