Song of the day: Remake Remodel – "Accelerate"

September 26, 2012

Because DivShare, the file-hosting company that stores my MP3s and (usually) lets me play them seems to be a bit temperamental at the moment (i.e., it ain’t lettin’ me play MP3s), I’ll play you another track from the new Popboomerang Records compilation, Aches And Shakes.

The main reason I like this track is that it prompts me to ask the following question: Why aren’t more rock songs in 7/8?

Remake Remodel – “Accelerate (2012)

I hope DivShare fixes whatever problem it currently has and is able to let me play MP3s again soon, because I have a shipload of tracks coming up – including more Musical coincidences involving those dastardly Aerovons.

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