Musical coincidences # 279

July 27, 2012

It’s tiny riff time:

Rick James – “Super Freak (1981) (excerpt)


Falco – “Der Kommissar (1981) (excerpt)


After The Fire – “Der Kommissar (1982) (excerpt)


What I want to know is this: considering Rick’s and Falco’s songs both appeared in 1981, which came first?

I wondered this for a while (approximately three seconds) so I went a-searchin’ on the Internets for some answers. Thanks to one B.C. Schermer on From Yahoo! Answers (Hi, B.C.!), I learned this:

“Neither James nor Falco knew about each other; the note timing is purely coincidence, and the actual pitch sequence separates after barely one measure. Falco, an Austrian, wrote “Der Komissar” as the overture of an SFD-TV crime drama that aired in Germany during the 1980’s; the After The Fire cover version was an extremely rough translation.”

Here are the full versions:

Falco – “Der Kommissar (1981)


After The Fire – “Der Kommissar (1982)


Self-Promotion Alert: “Der Kommissar” is also Song of the day.