Song of the day: Michael Carpenter & Rob Smith – "Look Through Any Window"

July 3, 2012

The exhaustingly prolific Michael Carpenter, an Australian power-popper who apparently needs no sleep at all (just look at his discography), has released yet another album. This time it’s a collection of cover versions of some of his favourite songs. And in keeping with Michael’s I-never-stop ethic, this is his fifth album of covers. It’s called S​.​O​.​O​.​P #5 – Songs Of Other People, and you can hear it over at Bandcamp. For this particular album of covers, Michael brought a different guest musician on board for each song.

When I listened to the songs Michael had chosen for his fifth album of covers (Michael, have you ever heard of the term “I think I’ll have a day off”?), this one took my fancy:

Michael Carpenter & Rob Smith – “Look Through Any Window (2012)

Here’s the original:

The Hollies – “Look Through Any Window (1965)


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