Song of the day: Robin Jolley – "Dancing On A Saturday Night"

February 1, 2010

Here’s the aptly-named Robin Jolley with possibly the mildest glam song ever recorded*:

Robin Jolley – “Dancing On A Saturday Night” (1972)


(*But I still love it.)

Song of the day: Robin Jolley – "Marshall’s Portable Music Machine"

December 4, 2009

Here’s Robin Jolley with “Marshall’s Portable Music Machine”:

Robin Jolley – “Marshall’s Portable Music Machine” (1971)


“Marshall’s Portable Music Machine” was written by the magnificent songwriting team of Don Mudie and Brian Cadd. (That’s the inimitable Brian on background vocals.)

This particular song is apparently now an embarrassment for all concerned. I say hold your heads up high, chaps: you produced a wonderfully bubblegummy concoction of pop goodness. It doesn’t matter one bit to me that the rock cognoscenti – those individuals who are ‘in the know’ and consider themselves the arbiters of good taste (i.e., music critics) – all say it stinks. I don’t care. I’m going to press Play again, and sing along with it again. Loudly.

By the way, tomorrow I’ll give you another example of the greatness that is the songwriting team of Don Mudie and Brian Cadd, but this time it’ll be a song that the music critics do approve of. (I don’t get this music criticism caper.)