Musical coincidences # 327

November 3, 2012

This coincidence was prompted by my friend Michael (Hi, Michael!) who handed over an obscure song and asked if I could help him find out where else he’d heard its opening vocal tune.

The obscure song is “It’s Alright” by British band The Rocking Vickers, and it was released in 1966. I’d never heard of it.

I was dreading the (very likely) prospect of having no idea of what the elusive other song might be, so I pressed “play” with a great deal of trepidation. However, I was relieved to discover that not only did I know the other song, but I knew it within three seconds of the singer opening his mouth. Phew.

I’ll play you the excerpts of both songs first, and then I’ll give you a couple of facts that surprised both Michael and me when we discovered them.

The Rocking Vickers – “It’s Alright” (1966) (excerpt)

The Who – “The Kids Are Alright (1965) (excerpt)

Two facts about The Rocking Vickers song:

  1. It was written by Pete Townshend. (Which would explain a lot.)

  3. The guitarist in The Rocking Vickers at the time (i.e., the guitarist on “It’s Alright”) is Lemmy. Yes, Lemmy.

Because of fact number one, I can’t really call this a coincidence. It’s more a case of recycling.

But because Michael and I both went “Lemmy???” when we found out, this example of musical recycling just had to go on the blog.

Here are the full versions:

The Rocking Vickers – “It’s Alright” (1966)

The Who – “The Kids Are Alright (1965)

And in honour of Lemmy making his first appearance on this blog (albeit as a mid-1960s Mod), here he is again, but this time in his more familiar guise:

Motorhead – “Killed By Death (1984)

[Beware: Depending on where you work, this video may or may not be safe to watch. It contains cavorting women who don’t appear to do anything musical]

Oh yeah. That’ll clean out your speakers.