Song of the day: Roger Joseph Manning Jr – "What You Don’t Know About The Girl"

March 7, 2010

I’m still messing about Windows 7*, so for the time being I’ll just play you a splendidly magnificent song by Roger Joseph Manning Jr from his magnificently splendid album, the released-only-in-Japan-for-some-reason-I-can’t-figure-out Solid State Warrior:

Roger Joseph Manning Jr – “What You Don’t Know About The Girl” (2006)


Remind me to play you the rest of the album sometime. It’s great.

Roger Joseph Manning Jr on MySpace

(*It’s installed and working a treat, but I now have to install all the programs I use. Eek.)

Musical coincidences # 36

January 3, 2010

I don’t know about you, but if I’m listening to a new song that, er, ‘borrows’ more than a little from an older song, I’m usually thinking more of the old song than the new one – and that pretty much spoils the new song for me. Ruins it!

A case in point is Roger Joseph Manning Jr.‘s “Down In Front” which appears on his latest album, Catnip Dynamite (2008):

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. – “Down In Front” (2008)
Link “Down In Front” is a boppy little song, but the main rhythm in the backing track reminds me – a lot – of 10cc‘s “Rubber Bullets“: 10cc – “Rubber Bullets (1973) Link The trouble with “Down In Front” for me is that I grew up listening to 10cc* and their entire discography is firmly implanted in my brain. Unfortunately, as soon as Roger’s song begins, with that chikka-chikka-chikka guitar chugging away, I only hear “Rubber Bullets” and can’t concentrate on the rest of Roger’s song. I do like Roger’s music a lot, and I’m sure “Down In Front” is a good song, but when it’s playing I can think of nothing but “Rubber Bullets.” For me, artists who borrow from their musical heroes can sometimes get too enthusiastic doing so and go overboard, wiping out their own individuality in the process. Maybe they remember something in a song by one of their favourite musicians and think: “Hey, that’s that’s a great rhythm! It’ll be perfect for the new song I’m working on.” The problem with that is the possibility of someone (like me) listening to the new song and thinking how much better the other song is. For example: “Down In Front” vs. “Rubber Bullets.” I know which one I prefer. (Sorry, Roger, but it’s 10cc every time. 10cc!) Tomorrow I’ll play you a song that’s even more brazen in its, er, borrowing. Roger Joseph Manning Jr. on MySpace (*My favourite bands in the 70s were The Beatles, ABBA, Kiss, Supertramp, and 10cc – make of that what you will.)

Song of the day: Electric Hippies – "Greedy People"

August 15, 2009

Here are the Electric Hippies with their only single, “Greedy People” (1994):


I was going to call them a one-hit wonder, but “Greedy People” only managed to peak at number 29 in the Australian charts – and stayed there for just one week. Well, at least it was a Top 30 hit.

The band came about as a result of two members of Noiseworks (guitarist/keyboardist Justin Stanley and bass player Steve Balbi) being dissatisfied with that band’s creative stagnation (or, as Wikipedia puts it, “lack of progress”). So they formed Electric Hippies to get their ideas out. They released one album then disappeared.

If you’re thinking to yourself that “Greedy People” sounds a bit Jellyfish-ish, or has an Imperial Drag vibe to it, you wouldn’t be far off the mark. Get a load of the video for another Electric Hippies song, “I Believe In You”:

Speaking of Jellyfish…

You probably won’t believe this, but in one of those “It’s a small world…” coincidences that get people thinking cosmic thoughts, both Justin Stanley and ex-Jellyfisher Roger Manning are currently in Beck‘s touring band. And they both expanded their names, too – nowadays, Justin Stanley is known as Justin M Stanley, and Roger Manning is known as Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

It’s cosmic, man.

Electric Hippies on MySpace