Song of the day: Roger Whittaker – "New World In The Morning"

July 19, 2013

A recent musical coincidence involved ’70s folkie Roger Whittaker and someone who wasn’t Roger Whittaker.

The song by Roger Whittaker reminded me of how I haven’t heard the wonderful soothing tones of Roger’s voice in a long, long time, and it put me in the mood to listen to a little bit o’ R. Whittaker.

Love that voice.

Roger Whittaker – “New World In The Morning (1970)

It might be around about now that you’re thinking to yourself, “Hey Peter – this is a power pop blog isn’t it? So where’s the power pop?”

Well, I’ll try to rustle up a power pop song for you tomorrow.

Musical coincidences # 402

July 15, 2013

I befriended a chappy called Wim Oudijk on Facebook this morning (Hi, Wim!), and he told me about his album, I’ve Had My Fun, Now It’s Your Turn.

That title reminded me of…

But that’s not the coincidence.

One of the songs on Wim’s album is “The Penny Has Dropped“, which has this tune in it:

Wim Oudijk – “The Penny has Dropped (2011) (excerpt)

If you slow that right down, I reckon you’d have something a little like…

Roger Whittaker – “The Last Farewell (1971) (excerpt)

Here are the full versions:

Wim Oudijk – “The Penny has Dropped (2011)

Roger Whittaker – “The Last Farewell (1971)