Musical coincidences # 85

February 21, 2011

I’m happy to admit that, despite thinking myself terribly clever for noticing this coincidence, someone else noticed it way before I did.

My (not particularly interesting) part of the coincidence-spotting saga is when I was wandering around the house, humming the theme to Born Free. As I was humming merrily away, adding variations to it, slowing it down, extemporising etc – all the things I do to a basic tune once I’ve had enough of it and want a bit of variety – I started humming it a bit faster. So there I was, humming the theme from Born Free a little faster than usual (you’ll be relieved to know that no-one else was in the house at the time, listening to me humming), and it suddenly dawned on me at that speed its main tune resembled the main tune of the Star Wars theme. “You beauty!” I thought to myself, “I’ve found a ripper of a coincidence. And I don’t think anyone anywhere has ever mentioned it. But I’ll double-check anyway.”

I’m glad I did, because I found this…

Roger Williams – “Born Free / Star Wars (2000)


…which explains everything.

And I found it on the Star Wars Music blog. Thank you, Star Wars Music blog. Thank you, Internet.

Here are (some of) the full versions:

Roger Williams – “Born Free (1966)


Matt Monro – “Born Free (1966)


John Barry – “Theme from Born Free” (1966)


Andy Williams – “Born Free (1967)


John Williams – “Star Wars – Main Title” (1999)


Roger Williams official website

Andy Williams official website

John “I wrote the Star Wars theme” Williams official website