Song of the day: Ron Goodwin Orchestra – "Murder She Said (Miss Marple Theme)"

June 25, 2012

Beware: I’ve gone instrumentals mad.

I’m currently listening to two collections of instrumentals – Instrumentals Complete (a splendid 5-CD set of instrumental pop hits from the 1950’s to the 1970’s), and to satisfy my classical music hunger, The Best of British Light Music (also a 5-CD set, and chock full of great music) – and loving them.

Subsequently, all this week I’m going to inflict instrumentals upon you. I simply can’t help it.

I wanted to start this instrumental-fest with Floyd Cramer‘s completely irresistible “On The Rebound”, but I’ve discovered that I’d already posted it (in June last year).

Innstead, I’ll begin with one of my favourite movie theme tunes. I find it so bouncy and jaunty that I’m singing it to myself as soon as it begins:

Ron Goodwin Orchestra – “Murder She Said (Miss Marple Theme)” (1961)


That was the recording for the album accompanying the soundtrack. Here’s how it sounds in the film itself (it’s slightly different – it’s in mono, and a little faster, which makes it even more jaunty):

Ron Goodwin Orchestra – “Murder She Said (Miss Marple Theme)” (original soundtrack) (1961)


In case you’re interested, here’s the movie that tune came from (and yes, somebody posted all 1 hour and 22-and-a-half minutes of the movie):