Song of the day: Wise Girl – "Set In Stone"

April 24, 2013

Today’s songs appear here courtesy of the charming and elfin* Nicole (Hi, Nicole!) from music publicity company LaFamos.

Nicole pointed me in the direction of a band called Wise Girl, and their new self-titled (or should that be elf-titled**?) three-track EP.

I listened to the EP, plus another song I found on the YouTube, and because I had trouble deciding which was my preferred track of the three no the EP, I’ll not play favourites and simply present them all to you.

Incidentally, this post could easily have been called “The Post of Association”, because three of the four songs on offer here remind me of other songs. But I won’t call it “The Post of Association”, because that’s not terribly fair on Wise Girl and their quest for individuality. (Or, putting it another way: “We wanted you to promoted our music, not all these other bands!”)

But because I heard other songs in amongst the Wise Girl ones, and because I’m a can’t help myself, I’ll sneak in the little associations after each of the Wise Girl tracks.

Wise Girl – Wise Girl (EP) (2013)

1. “Set In Stone”

This was the one track that didn’t remind me of anything else.

2. “Wishful Thinking”

Because this one is in the time signature of 6/8, it instantly reminded me of Rooney‘s “If It Were Up To Me“:

Rooney – “If It Were Up To Me (2003) (excerpt)

But pretty much any rock song played in 6/8 that was recorded in the last decade instantly reminds me of the Rooney song, so Wise Girl isn’t alone there.

3. “Roles Are Reversed”

When the drumming started in this track, I immediately thought of:

Cheap Trick – “I Want You To Want Me (live) (1978)

That’s the EP.

And if you want to see Wise Girl as well as hear them, you can do so by watching this here video:

Wise Girl – “So Broken (2012)

I’m afraid to say that a part of this song reminded of something else.

The chorus…

Wise Girl – “So Broken (2012) (excerpt)

…reminded me of…

KC & The Sunshine Band – “Give It Up” (1983) (excerpt)

[full song]

But as for Wise Girl’s EP, I thought it was not too bad.

Thanks, Nicole!

Official website Facebook

(*Disclaimer: Nicole may not resemble an elf at all. I’ve never met Nicole in person or seen a photograph of her. We’ve only ever chatted electronically, but I imagine Nicole is a spritely*** young thing.)

(**No, it shouldn’t.)

(***Dreadful pun fully intended.)

Song of the day: The Yellow Dazies – "Free"

November 27, 2012

This post is a request from a musician named John (Hi, John!) who holds the distinction of being the very first musician to contact me via YouTube.

John sent me a message through the YouTubes (which was a surprise, because I didn’t know YouTube users could send messages to each other) letting me know about one of his songs. It’s called “Free”, and John released it under the moniker of The Yellow Dazies. He thought I might enjoy it. He was right. I enjoyed it.

One of the reasons I enjoyed it is that it reminded me of two power pop songs I like enormously. I’ll mention those other two songs after I play you John’s song.

The Yellow Dazies – “Free (2012)

OK, now for the (minor) coincidences:

1. The start of “Free” uses the same the chord progression as the chorus of Cheap Trick‘s “Surrender“. Because “Free” starts without any vocals (0:00-0:17), you can cheerfully sing the chorus of “Surrender” over the top of it before John starts his singing. It’s a heap o’ fun:

Cheap Trick – “Surrender (1978) (excerpt)


2. The last part of “Free”, from 3:40 onwards, reminds me of Rooney‘s “I’m A Terrible Person”. It’s not a huge coincidence, but it was “Free”‘s melodic guitar lines that made me think of the Rooney song:

Rooney – “I’m A Terrible Person (2003) (excerpt)


But back to John and The Yellow Dazies.

John also suggested I have a listen to “Girl On A Train”. I did. And that’s all I’ll say about that. (My mother’s advice is ringing in my ears.)

But I do like “Free”. (“Surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away-ay-ay-ay…”)

Oh, and here are the full versions of those non-Yellow Dazies songs:

Cheap Trick – “Surrender (1978)


Rooney – “I’m A Terrible Person (2003)


Song of the day: Rooney – "Stay Away"

March 13, 2012

The other day I was in the mood to play some power pop I hadn’t heard in a while, and as I was scouring the music collection I spotted Rooney. “Rooney! Of course!”

Here’s non-Australian band Rooney with one of the splendid, splendid songs from their splendid, splendid self-titled debut album:

Rooney – “Stay Away” (2003)


Official website

Song of the day: Rooney – "Sorry Sorry"

May 11, 2011

After the utter weirdness of yesterday’s post I think it’s time to go back to something tuneful. And not as scary.

Today’s song will hopefully express how I feel about inflicting yesterday’s post upon you and any distress it may have caused:

Rooney – “Sorry Sorry” (2003)


Rooney official website
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Song of the day: Rooney – "If It Were Up To Me"

August 17, 2010

I must warn you that the rest of this week’s songs are going to be musically all over the place. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve been listening to – and enjoying – and I want to let you know about it, so I thought I’d bombard you with it all at once. If you like variety, then this is the week for you. It’ll be variety with a capital “V”.

But before we dive headfirst into “Why is he playing that?” territory, here’s something that’s definitely power pop. It’s US band Rooney with an excellent track from their equally excellent debut album, Rooney*:

Rooney – “If It Were Up To Me” (2003)


The thing I love about that track is how it’s basically an old song in new clothes. The chord progressions are straight from a lot of Fifties pop songs, but the treatment is distinctly modern (i.e., distorted guitars, power pop harmonies). Great stuff!

Rooney official website
Rooney on MySpace
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(*It’s a marvellously excellent album. My media player tells me that so far I’ve played it only 27 times. I think I can easily listen to it three more times and make it a nice round 30.)