Musical coincidences # 60

December 15, 2010

I love today’s coincidence because of a few things:

1) it involves three bands; and
2) all the bands are Australian.

But that’s not the end of the coincidence. It involves the guitarists in each band, and:

3) they’re all playing virtually the same thing;
4) they’re all playing it as a shuffle (i.e., boogie!);
5) they’re all playing it in the same key (which means they’re all playing exactly the same notes and chords).

The coincidence centres around this particular guitar part:

The guitarist plays an A note (5th string, open) in a boogie style (bomp, ba-bomp, ba-bomp, ba-bomp etc – think Status Quo). Whilst he or she is doing that (bomp, ba-bomp on the A note), s/he plays a D chord followed by a C chord over the top of it.

First up, here’s Australian band Finch doing it:

Finch – “Hey Spunky” (1976) (excerpt)


Next up, we have Australian band Rose Tattoo doing it (a little slower):

Rose Tattoo – “Bad Boy For Love” (1977) (excerpt)


And finally, we have Australian band Skyhooks doing it (back up to the speed of the Finch one):

Skyhooks – “B B B Boogie” (1978) (excerpt)


Love it.

Here are the full versions:

Finch – “Hey Spunky” (1976)


Rose Tattoo – “Bad Boy For Love” (1977)


Skyhooks – “B B B Boogie” (1978)


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