Song of the day: Rotjoch – "Tomorrow"

May 15, 2013

Thanks to my friend Michael (not yesterday’s Michael – a different one) suggesting a song by Dutch skinny-tie band Rebel for the latest post in the Educating Peter series, it set off a little chain of events that has resulted in today’s song.

Regular* reader of this blog, pplist (Hi, PP!), read that post and left a comment and saying that if I liked the Rebel song (I did), then I might like an earlier song of theirs, back when Rebel were Rotjoch.

This is the recommended-by-pplist song:

Rotjoch – “Tomorrow” (1981)

You’re right, ppmeister: I like it. Much obliged, Big P.

Incidentally, “Tomorrow” was released as a single in 1981. Here’s the flip-side:

Rotjoch – “Rock & Roll Rendezvous” (1981)

(*I don’t actually know if pplist is a regular reader of this blog, but the optimist in me easily imagines him or her visiting every single day – rain, hail, or shine.)