Song of the day: The Rousers – "Here She Comes"

June 24, 2013

An American band called The Rousers asked me to talk about their album, Playing The Rock And Roll For You.

I was all set to do that, but I was waylaid by two things – the band name, and one of their songs – that distracted me from my mission (of listening to their album).

First, the band name:

When I searched for “The Rousers” for links to appear at the end of this post (I like to provide as many links to bands as I can), the search engine I used asked if I meant “trousers” instead.

Unfortunately, I now want to call the band “The Trousers”.

And secondly, the song:

I must admit that I didn’t get past the first song, “Here She Comes”. It’s not because that first song is awful and I didn’t want to hear any more. I thought it was fine. And I have no idea if the other songs are horrible.

I didn’t get past “Here She Comes” because within the first 15 seconds of hearing it I heard two musical coincidences, and the fun I had in getting the coincidences ready for this post distracted me so much that I forgot about the other songs on the album. (Note to band: Sorry, guys.)

Anyway, I’ll present you with “Here She Comes” and its coincidences, and point you in the direction of the album so you can listen to it at your leisure.

Here we go:

The Rousers – “Here She Comes” (2013)

And the coincidences…

The Rousers – “Here She Comes” (2013) (excerpt 1)

The Jags – “Back Of My Hand” (album version) (1979) (excerpt)

The Rousers – “Here She Comes” (2013) (excerpt 2)

Da Finals* – “Good Die Young” (1985) (excerpt)

And the full versions:

The Jags – “Back Of My Hand” (album version) (1979)

The Jags – “Back Of My Hand” (single version) (1979)

Der Vine Ills* – “Good Die Young” (1985)

I’m sure the rest of Playing The Rock And Roll For You is fine and dandy. (Well, maybe not dandy – but it’s probably fine.)

Official website
CD Baby

(*I’m unable to use the band’s real name because Blogger tells me off in a major way whenever I post any of their songs – even snippets.)