Musical coincidences # 143

November 10, 2011

Today’s coincidence is brought to you by someone called John McNaughton, a chap who wrote in to English music magazine MOJO:

MOJO (October 2007, Issue 167, letters section, page 12)
Unfair cop?
In his piece on Reggatta De Blanc [MOJO 165] John Harris says of the title track: “Replete with the recorded debut of the strange Esperanto that Sting would gleefully employ on-stage ‘Gee-yo, Gee-yo, Gee-yo-yo indeed’…” Isn’t it more likely to be a steal and corruption of Bob Marley‘s “Wah-yo, Wah-yo-yo-yo-yo” from Get Up Stand Up? Nonetheless, a brilliant article by Phil Sutcliffe, matched by Fred Dellar‘s Sinatra piece. What an amazing story that was; top-notch music journalism.
– John McNaughton, Campbeltown, Argyll

The Police – “Regatta De Blanc (1979) (excerpt)


Bob Marley and the Wailers – “Get Up, Stand Up (1975) (excerpt)


Actually, the non-vocal backing in that snippet of “Get Up, Stand Up” reminds me of the live version of Roxy Music‘s “The Bogus Man”:

Roxy Music – “The Bogus Man” (live) (1976) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

The Police – “Regatta De Blanc (1979)


Bob Marley and the Wailers – “Get Up, Stand Up (1975)


Roxy Music – “The Bogus Man” (live) (1976)


Musical coincidences # 59

December 11, 2010

Why hadn’t I noticed this before?*:

Roxy Music – “Re-Make/Re-Model (1972) (short bass solo)


The Beatles – “Day Tripper (1965) (opening riff)


I was surprised at how similar those two bits of music were, and wondered if anyone else had noticed it. I went straight to Wikipedia, found the entry for “Re-Make/Re-Model”, and there it was:

At the end of the song, each instrument is allowed a short solo break in turn; the bass guitar solo mimics the riff from the Beatles song “Day Tripper“.

So it was deliberate, and not a musical coincidence at all.

Boy, what a useless post this is.

Anyway, here are the full versions:

Roxy Music – “Re-Make/Re-Model (1972)


The Beatles – “Day Tripper (1965)


Actually, to not make this post a complete waste of your time, here are some other versions of “Day Tripper” for y’all.

First up, a fist-pumping, red-blooded version:

[Gentle advice: TURN IT UP]
Butchering The Beatles (various artists) – “Day Tripper (2006)


Here’s a funky version:

Vontastics – “Day Tripper (1966)


And here’s a splendid version by Nancy Sinatra:

Nancy Sinatra – “Day Tripper (1966)



Butchering The Beatles on MySpace

(*Maybe because I hadn’t heard the Roxy Music song in years. But I offer no excuses. I simply hadn’t notice it before.)