Song of the day: Roy Buchanan – "Lonely Days Lonely Nights"

August 30, 2012

I’ve asked this question before, but do you have an album that you think is worth buying, not for a few songs, or even one song, but for just one note?

I have two. One is Tones by guitarist Eric Johnson, where the note in question is in a song called “Bristol Shore”. (You can hear the note in all its glory in this post.)

The other album is blues guitarist Roy Buchanan’s Live In Japan, and the song on the album that contains The Note is “Lonely Days Lonely Nights”. Actually, to be precise it’s not really a note – it’s more a squeal. (In guitar terms it’s called a “pinch harmonic“.)

The Note in “Lonely Days Lonely Nights” occurs at 2:46, but I don’t recommend you go straight to it. Even if you don’t listen to the whole song, and just want to hear The Note, I firmly recommend you listen to the guitar run (2:44-2:46) leading up to it. (“Guitar run”. Non-technical translation: “lots of notes”.)

If you’re going to listen to The Note, you definitely need to hear that run leading up to it. The guitar run is what makes it so – yes, I’m going to say it – noteworthy.

Anyway, the choice is yours. (You can even choose not to hear the song at all, and go to another blog as you mutter under your breath, “I thought this was a power pop blog…”.)

Roy Buchanan – “Lonely Days Lonely Nights” (1978)


If you can’t get enough of Roy Buchanan (I know that when I’m in the mood, I can’t), here he is giving “Hey Joe” a right seeing-to: