Musical coincidences # 190

March 6, 2012

This coincidence is probably even less significant than yesterday’s (which was unimportant by anybody’s standards), but it was prompted by my friend Stonefish (Hi, Stoney!) over at his blog.

A few days ago the Stonemeister posted a cute song called “Bottle Of Wine” by The Royal Guardsmen. It starts like this:

The Royal Guardsmen – “Bottle Of Wine” (1968) (excerpt)


When I heard that introduction, with those floor toms thumping away four beats to the bar, it instantly reminded me of the introduction of another song from two years later…

Zoot – “Eleanor Rigby (1970) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

The Royal Guardsmen – “Bottle Of Wine” (1968)


Zoot – “Eleanor Rigby (1970)


To keep that wonderful floor tom thumping going a little more, here’s the original version of “Bottle Of Wine”:

The Fireballs – “Bottle Of Wine” (1968) (excerpt)


Thanks, Stoner, for prompting today’s coincidence!