Song of the day: The Safes – "Sight Of All Light"

March 2, 2010

I was contacted a little while ago by US band The Safes, yet another band I’ve never heard of before. (Why are there so many? And why haven’t I heard of them?)

They asked me to have a listen to their songs, so I duly trundled off to their MySpace page, clicked on the first track and heard this:

The Safes – “Sight Of All Light” (2008)


Now, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t mind that.

There were three other tracks in the playlist, so, considering it my solemn duty to play them all (well, if they’re kind enough to email me and ask if I could listen to their songs, I reckon the very least I can do is listen to ’em), I played the songs. And listened to them. (Four songs, 10 minutes = no problem.)

Here’s another one I liked:

The Safes – “Fairy Tale Tomorrow” (2007)


I think there was another song in the playlist called “Mental Wheelchair,” but it went by so fast, with riffs played at breakneck speed, that I wasn’t actually sure I heard a song – it felt more like a rush of adrenalin.

Just to make sure that there were actually four songs in the playlist, I played them all again. Yep, there were four songs.

The Safes are certainly a frisky bunch of young whippersnappers. As I listened to the songs, I started getting the distinct impression that the band drinks a lot of red cordial.

However, I must admit that one of the songs there, “Mystery,” I didn’t like at all. Now, I’m not entirely sure of the etiquette of plugging a band. Am I allowed to say that I don’t like one of the band’s songs? Is that the done thing on blogs?

“Mystery” is a slow and moody thing that didn’t float my boat, I’m afraid. But you might like it. (I thoroughly recommend you use your ears to listen to a song, not mine, because mine are faulty.)

Ah well. Each to their own, live and let live etc etc. At least I liked three out of the four songs I heard, and I can live with that. I’d much rather listen to a band where I like 75% of their output to a band to one where I like 0%.

Right, I think I need to exercise some self-discipline and wrap up this post by coming to some kind of conclusion about The Safes.

In conclusion: if you like your power pop a little on the garage-y side (the kind of thing where the guitarist bashes away enthusiastically on his guitar instead of gently plucking the notes the way earnest folk singers do), then The Safes may just be the band you’ll want to hear.

Although I didn’t like everything I heard, I did like most of it. (75% success rate. Yay!) And I liked their enthusiasm. “Sight Of All Sound” was my favourite (which is why it’s Song of the day), and it’s now firmly stuck in my head (that opening chord riff just won’t go away). However, if you listen to those songs you may feel differently (well, I hope so – you don’t have my ears). You might love them, hate them, or something in between. As people living in the land of Americans like to say: your mileage* may vary.

Oh, by the way: the band gave me a pile of links to mention. So, here’s an impressively long list of links relating to The Safes. Enjoy!

And if you want to know more about The Safes, there’s an interview over at PunkRockReviews DotCom, along with a couple of MP3s different to the ones here.

And one more thing before you roll your eyes and wonder “How much longer is this post going to be?”, the band gave me a link to one of their videos. Here ’tis:

And I think that’s the end of this post.

(*Australians would probably say “kilometreage” instead.)