Song of the day: The Saints – "Lipstick On Your Collar"

September 24, 2009

Here are The Saints applying their “(I’m) Stranded” template to the Connie Francis hit, “Lipstick On Your Collar” (1977):


I’m not entirely sure that singer Chris Bailey knew all the words to the song…

If there wasn’t so much sneering – and being wrapped up in that whole punk ethos – it’d pass for a great piece of high-energy bubblegum pop.

Anyway, The Saints were probably the band that kick-started the Australian punk movement, along with Radio Birdman (who I’ve always thought of as an Australian Stooges, influenced by the American punks instead of the UK’s youth) and maybe some others. I’m not completely au fait with Australian punk, so please pardon my ignorance*. Of what I do know, I believe that The Saints’ rise to punk cultdom in Australia ran parallel to the UK movement more than being simply influenced by it, as they shared a concurrent disaffection with their milieu (sorry to get all psychoanalytical – and French – on you).

Right, that’s enough of the big words.

In case you were wondering, here’s the original for reference:

Connie Francis – “Lipstick On Your Collar” (1959):


(*I had originally mistyped “ignorance” as “ignoracne.” Considering this post is about rebellious young folk, how’s that for a Freudian slip?)