Song of the day: Sarah Sarah – "Something Missing"

November 12, 2011

I’m going to conclude my run of Zac-related songs* with a track by the short-lived Sarah Sarah. (That’s a band, not two people called Sarah.)

Sarah Sarah – “Something Missing (2003)

While you’re listening to the song, here are some quick ‘n’ useless facts:

  • Yesterday’s song by Sweetchuck was released in 2003
  • Today’s song by Sarah Sarah was also released in 2003
  • Zac was in both bands in 2003
  • Zac was a busy boy in 2003
  • Sarah Sarah’s lead vocals were shared by Zac and a lady by the name of Kate Duncan
  • Zac’s current band, The Wellingtons, features lead vocals shared by Zac and a lady by the name of Kate Goldby
  • Zac likes being around people called Kate

(Actually, I have a feeling some of those weren’t facts.)

Buy Sing Till It Hurts at Bandcamp
Buy Sing Till It Hurts at Popboomerang Records
Buy Sing Till It Hurts at Half A Cow Records

(*See yesterday and the day before if you don’t know what on Earth I’m talking about.)

Song of the day: Sarah Sarah – "Song From An 80s Movie"

June 20, 2011

Now, here’s something that is Australian and power pop. It’s defunct Melbourne band Sarah Sarah with an enjoyable little ditty:

Sarah Sarah – “Song From An 80s Movie (2003)
(Beware of naughty words)

If you’re wondering where you’ve heard that singer before, wonder no more. The lead vocals were provided by Zac Anthony (Hi, Zac!), the chap who went on to become a Wellington.

Anyway, that track appears on the Sarah Sarah’s one-and-only release, an EP from 2003 that hasn’t been seen round these parts for nigh on many a year*. But the EP’s now been made available for one and all over at Bandcamp courtesy of Popboomerang Records. Yay the Internet!

(*Note to self: don’t type anything like that ever again, Peter.)

Song of the day: Sarah Sarah – "Dawsons Creek"

August 29, 2009

Here’s Sarah Sarah with “Dawsons Creek” (2003):


“Dawson’s Creek” contains some wonderful “ba-ba-ba”s. It originally appeared on Sarah Sarah’s EP, Sing Till It Hurts. As far as I can tell, that EP is the only thing that Sarah Sarah ever released.

When listening to the song, I wondered why the vocals sounded so familiar to me. I’ve found out that “Dawson’s Creek” is sung by a certain “Zac and Kate”. I’d hazard a guess that the Zac and Kate in Sarah Sarah are the very same Zac and Kate who are the main vocalists in The Wellingtons (it sure sounds like ’em). I haven’t been able to find out any more specific information, but it appears that Sarah Sarah was Zac and Kate’s band before The Wellingtons were formed.

Regardless, “Dawson’s Creek” is a lovely little slice of boy-girl harmonies. Enjoy!