Song of the day: Schnell Fenster – "Whisper"

June 25, 2009

Here’s the now-forgotten Schnell Fenster with the wonderfully atmospheric “Whisper” from 1988:

Video (Embedding disabled. Grrr.)

Schnell Fenster rose from the ashes of Split Enz in the late 80’s and sank without a trace a couple of years later*. “Whisper” was their first single and it reached #58 in the Australian charts.

As a bonus, here are two of their other singles (well, the ones that charted, anyway) plus a mini-documentary on the band:

Schnell Fenster – “Love-Hate Relationship” (1988) (highest position: a dismal #81)


Schnell Fenster – “OK Alright A Huh O Yeah” (1990) (a not-much-better #71)


(*Sorry about mangling metaphors there.)