Musical coincidences # 57

December 7, 2010

A British group called The School recently released Loveless Unbeliever (2010), an enjoyably retro album full of girl group sounds. Yummy.

One of the songs on the album, “All I Wanna Do”, reminded me an awful lot of another song – specifically, Kirsty MacColl‘s “They Don’t Know” (1979). It’s not the melody that sounds similar to me, but the rhythm of the melody (not the actual notes), the song’s structure, and quite a few of the chord choices.

First, here’s Kirsty’s song to refresh your memory (unless you have a superb memory and can remember every single part of it):

Kirsty MacColl – “They Don’t Know (1979)


And here’s that song by The School:

The School – “All I Wanna Do” (2010)


For me, those two songs could virtually be interchangeable.

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