Song of the day: Scott Bennett and The Dotted Line – "I Know There’s An Answer"

September 11, 2010

If you’re a reader of this blog then you’re probably a power pop fan. And if you’re a power pop fan then you’re probably familiar with the scarily revered Pet Sounds. You may have heard that album a few times, or know someone who’s heard it a couple of dozen times – or even a couple of hundred times. Either way, Pet Sounds is a pretty well-known album to power pop fans.

I’m mentioning this because today’s song is a cover of a track from Pet Sounds. Now, I don’t know exactly how you feel about hearing a cover of a Pet Sounds song. If you’re a huge Pet Sounds fan, you may not take too kindly to someone covering something so treasured. But then again, you may be the kind of person who thinks: “They’re only songs. They’re not sacred artefacts that can never be tampered with. Let’s see what someone else can do with them.”

I must admit that I’m in the latter camp (i.e., “They’re only songs…”), so I’m happy to hear someone else’s take on something from Pet Sounds. When I heard Scott Bennett & The Dotted Line‘s version of this particular track, I thought “Oh, yeah – now this is a good cover version”:

Scott Bennett & The Dotted Line – “I Know There’s An Answer” (2004)


I like the little reference to “Hey Bulldog” at the end of the song.

“I Know There’s An Answer” appears on Scott Bennett & The Dotted Line’s self-titled album (2004).

By the way – and this is one of those “isn’t it a small world!” things – Scott Bennett just happens to be a member of Brian Wilson’s band. Small world, isn’t it?

Speaking of Brian Wilson, here’s the original:

The Beach Boys – “I Know There’s An Answer” (1966)


As a bonus, here’s a Pet Sounds outtake that sounds strangely reminiscent of something you may have heard before…

The Beach Boys – “Hang On To Your Ego” (1966)