Musical coincidences # 258

June 9, 2012

This coincidence stems from Scott McCarl‘s song, “In Love Without You”, and it involves not one, but four five other artists. (The fifth one is thanks to my friend Steve after this post was first published. Hi, Steve!)

It totals three coincidences, and they all occur within the first 30 seconds of Scott’s song. This is a doozy of a coincidence, and it’s all thanks to two three people: blog commenter “side3” (Hi, side3!) and Scott McCarl, the chap who recorded it in the first place. (And my friend Steve. See Coincidence 1 below.) But I’ll back up a little and start at the start.

I posted a song by the Raspberries called “Play On”. Commenter side3 mentioned that one-time Raspberry Scott McCarl had released a solo album, and that one of the songs on it was “In Love Without A Girl”. Side3 called the song a “fantastic piece of power pop”.

I had a listen to “In Love Without A Girl” and… here we are.

Because this may get messy I’ll try not to interject with cumbersome comments and just let the excerpts speak for themselves:


Scott McCarl – “In Love Without A Girl” (1998) (excerpt 1)

The Cars – “Just What I Needed (1978) (excerpt)

(My friend Steve reminded me of “Stacy’s Mom”. Thanks, Steve!)

Fountains Of Wayne – “Stacy’s Mom (2003) (excerpt)


Scott McCarl – “In Love Without A Girl” (1998) (excerpt 2)

The Beatles – “Ticket To Ride (1965) (excerpt)


Jellyfish – “The King Is Half-Undressed” (1990) (excerpt)


Actually, I will interject just for this coincidence. I want to point out that the coincidence in this excerpt occurs at the end, when the band crashes into E minor then A major:

Scott McCarl – “In Love Without A Girl” (1998) (excerpt 3)

A band I get into trouble for mentioning by name (here I’ll call them ‘Left-Right Boil’) – “No Time For Games” (1980) (excerpt)

Here are shorter excerpts where you can hear the specific coincidence:

Scott McCarl – “In Love Without A Girl” (1998) (excerpt 3 – shorter)

Left-Right Boil – “No Time For Games” (1980) (excerpt – shorter)

Here are the full versions of everything above:

Scott McCarl – “In Love Without A Girl” (1998)

The Cars – “Just What I Needed (1978)

Fountains Of Wayne – “Stacy’s Mom (2003)

The Beatles – “Ticket To Ride (1965)

Jellyfish – “The King Is Half-Undressed” (1990)

Left-Right Boil – “No Time For Games” (1980)