Song of the day: Michael Carpenter – "Super Tuesday"

October 18, 2012

The frighteningly productive Michael Carpenter has released* a sampler of his gargantuan Songs Of Other People series.

(Michael hasn’t been content to make an album of covers – as in “one album of covers”. He’s made five of them so far. And it looks like he’s not going to stop making these things either. Quick, somebody grab the keys and lock him out of his recording studio.)

Of all the eminently worthy songs Michael recorded for the compilation, I’ve chosen to pester you with “Super Tuesday”, originally by The Shazam. It has a particular mood that I find very affecting. I can’t really pinpoint the mood that Michael brings out of it. It’s similar to melancholy, but not quite. It’s possibly nostalgia. Or regret.

Whatever it is, it affects me emotionally in a way that no other power pop song does:

Michael Carpenter – “Super Tuesday (2006)

Here’s the original version of “Super Tuesday”:

The Shazam – “Super Tuesday” (1996)


Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, here’s the entire SOOP Sampler for your aural perusal:

And if you have a spare few hours:

Official website
Love Hz Studios

(*It’s not a recent release however. It appeared on ye Internets in July this year, but I only found out about it recently. Ah well. As I always like to say: “Better late than later.” Thanks, Keith!)