Musical coincidences # 374

March 22, 2013

This particular coincidence comes to you from the astute ears of friend and commenter FD13NYC. (Hi, FD!)

I recently played an Australian song from the 1970s, “Summer Love” by Sherbet, and FD commented:

“There’s a snippet in the song that sounds like a snippet from The Beatles Mean Mr. Mustard. Check it out.”

So I checked it out, and there it was:

Sherbet – “Summer Love” (1975) (excerpt)


The Beatles – “Mean Mr. Mustard (1969) (excerpt)


Much obliged, FD, for spotting something I hadn’t noticed in the 38 years I’ve been listening to “Summer Love”.

Here are the full versions:

Sherbet – “Summer Love” (1975)


The Beatles – “Mean Mr. Mustard (1969)


Song of the day: Sherbet

March 21, 2013

I’m still in the mood for a bit of variety on this blog, so I thought to myself: “What haven’t I played here in a while?”

The answer came almost immediately: “Why, cheesy instrumental prog rock from the ’70s. Of course!”

This song is by Sherbet, an Australian band not noted for its prog rock tendencies. In their heyday they appealed more to screaming teenyboppers. Like so:

As much as I adore “Summer Love” (and I do adore it), that’s not today’s song. It’s not prog at all. (And besides, it’s already been Song of the day.)

Nope. “Survival” is the Sherbet song of choice today.

Don’t worry, “Survival” is not like most instrumental prog rock tracks. It doesn’t last 20 minutes. It’s only two. But for me it’s a fun two minutes:

Sherbet – “Survival (1975)


Song of the day: Sherbet – "Life"

July 18, 2012

Today’s song is a multiple-choice affair. This came about because a bit of awkwardness associated with the main song on offer here.

First of all, the main song I want to play you is “Life” by Australian kings of glam, Sherbet. I must admit that I’m mostly interested in playing you just the riff in the verse. The rest of the song’s enjoyable – if you like extra-cheesy 70’s glam – but it’s the riff that got me wanting to put the song on the blog. If you don’t want to hear the whole song, I’ve isolated the riff. (See below.)

Secondly, “Life” is track 3 on Sherbet’s 1975 concept album, Life… Is For Living. The awkwardness here is that because it’s a concept album the songs all run into each other. This makes it a bit difficult for me to play you “Life” on its own. I’ve offered a semi-solution (below) by editing the song. (I added a fade-out at the end, something it doesn’t do on the album.)

And third: on the album, “Life” is preceded by an instrumental entitled “Survival”. I think “Survival” and “Life” go very well together, so I’ve created a track by joining the two. The combination lasts 5:32 if you can hang around that long for a two-song mini-suite.

So, the choice is yours. You can just listen to the riff and that’ll be that – you can move on to the next thing you were going to do today, safe in the knowledge that you only wasted six seconds listening to music on this blog today. Or you can listen to “Life” on its own – but then you’d miss out on the wizzo instrumental track that comes before it. Or you can revel in the one-two prog-glam punch of “Survival” and “Life” – but then you would have wasted upwards of six minutes listening to music on this blog when you had better things to do.

Choices, choices…

Sherbet – “Life” (1975) (the riff)


Sherbet – “Life” (1975)


Sherbet – “Survival” / “Life” (1975)


Song of the day: Sherbet – "Nowhere Man"

April 21, 2012

After the last few days involving a flurry of tracks requested by others, I’ve now officially run out of “Hey, can you play our song?” songs. It’s time to choose a song for today.

Hmm. I’ll have a look in the music collection and see what might be suitable. Hang on…

OK. Found something.

Here are the Kings of Seventies Australian Glam, Sherbet, with a possibly pointless – but vocally impressive (because it’s live) – version of “Nowhere Man“:

Sherbet – “Nowhere Man (live) (1977)


And the original:

The Beatles – “Nowhere Man (1965)


Song of the day: Sherbet – "So Glad You’re Mine"

December 18, 2011

I know I played you a Sherbet song only recently, but I’m in the mood for a bit o’ glam today:

Sherbet – “So Glad You’re Mine” (1974)


Song of the day: Sherbet – "Hound Dog"

November 29, 2011

Here are Australia’s 1970s kings of satin shirts and platform boots, Sherbet, with their splendid* rendition of “Hound Dog”:

Sherbet – “Hound Dog (1973)

A live performance in black-and-white:

A live performance in colour: Video (embedding disabled. Grr.)

And here’s the original:

Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton – “Hound Dog (1953)


(*Depending on how you feel about that version, you may prefer a different adjective.)

Song of the day: Sherbet – "Silvery Moon"

February 14, 2011

Here’s a blast – well, not so much a blast, more a gentle breeze – from the past:

Sherbet – “Silvery Moon” (1974)


Song of the day: Ted Mulry – "You’re All Woman"

November 1, 2010

Today’s song is a two-for-one deal.

First up, here’s Ted Mulry with his song, “You’re All Woman”:

Ted Mulry – “You’re All Woman” (1972)


There’s also a live version – but that’s not the two-for-one part of this post:

Ted Mulry – “You’re All Woman” (Live on GTK) (1973)


Here’s the two-for-one part…

Ted Mulry wrote “You’re All Woman” for Sherbet who duly recorded it for their fourth single which, thanks to Ted’s songwriting skills, became their first Top 20 hit:

Sherbet – “You’re All Woman” (1972)


You may have decided which one you prefer, but I love ’em both.

Sherbet on MySpace

Song of the day: Sherbet – "Slipstream"

October 1, 2010

Yesterday my friend Col (Hi, Col!) rather helpfully reminded me that there’s another Australian song called “Slipstream”. Here ’tis:

Sherbet – “Slipstream (1974)


There are plenty of things I love about Sherbet’s “Slipstream”* – there’s the driving beat, the variety of tempo and mood changes, the vocal melodies, the Mellotron (always good value in a pop song) – but I think the cheekiest is the little nod to “Good Vibrations” (at 0:39). Great stuff.


(*As opposed to “Slipstream” by Appleseed, where I only liked the guitar drone.)

Song of the day: Sherbet – "Cassandra"

September 24, 2010

I don’t know about you, but today I feel like listening to something moody, magnificent… and with a Mellotron.

This will do the job quite nicely:

Sherbet – “Cassandra” (1973)


(Update: You can ignore the text below, which was typed in a frenzy of “Why isn’t DivShare working? Why??”)

Unfortunately, DivShare is playing up at the moment so I can’t provide you with an MP3 of “Cassandra” for the time being. [Insert un-smiley face here.]

I’ll try to have that situation rectified quicksmart pronto. In the meantime, you’ll have to be content with the video.