Song of the day: Sia – "The Real Thing"

October 30, 2010

I received an email from a chap named Terry (Hi, Terry!) who alerted me to a new version of the greatest psychedelic song ever recorded an old Australian song:

Sia – “The Real Thing (2009)


Thanks for letting me know about the song, Terry.

Sia’s version of “The Real Thing” appears on Compassionism, a compilation album made last year for the stop-pestering-animals organisation PETA. It’s one of those albums where the proceeds from the sale of the album go to the organisation. Surprisingly, though, it’s 100% of the proceeds that go to the organisation. How’s that for generous?

By the way, I think there may have been a bit of false advertising in the blurb written by whomever wrote it. The blurb starts off like this:

Compassionism features fifteen heart-pumping tracks from some of the most creative and diverse artists to come out of The United States, Australia and Canada.”

I must admit that whilst listening to Sia’s version of “The Real Thing” my heart wasn’t pumping any more than it usually does. If anything, it may have slowed down a little.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with anything.

Here’s the original:

Russell Morris – “The Real Thing (1969)


This is now officially the first time that a song has been made Song of the day twice on this blog. So if you want to read more about the song, head on over to the previous “The Real Thing” post. I must warn you that it consists mostly of me gushing about how stupendous “The Real Thing” is.

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