Song of the day: Sins Tailor – "Let’s Lie"

October 27, 2010

I received a fabulous* email from a musician called David (Hi, David!) the other week. David told me that he used to be in a band called Sins Tailor and then asked if I wouldn’t mind playing some old tracks he’d dug up from an album the band made many, many years ago. (It was 1998.) The album is called Ticket For A Destination.

Now, before I play you a track or two, I’m here to tell you – and anyone else reading this – that if somebody wants to hear some music, whether it’s by them or their favourite artist, all anybody has to do to is ask. I’ll play anybody’s music. Anybody’s.

(I may have mentioned this before, but I’m of the opinion that if someone goes to the trouble of emailing me to let me know about their music, the very least I can do is let you know about it, too.)

Right. Now on to the music.

Of the 10 tracks I heard, these three are the ones I found the most interesting:

Sins Tailor – “Let’s Lie” (1998)


This next one (well, the start of it anyway) reminded me a bit of Led  Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains The Same”:

Sins Tailor – “And Your Little Dog Too” (1998)


And (all of) this one reminded me of The Beatles’ “Slow Down”:

Sins Tailor – “Way Too Fast” (1998)


If you like what you heard and want to buy the CD, I’ve been reliably informed (i.e., David told me) that there are still a few copies floating around (i.e., David has them). Just email David and he’d be quite happy to sell you one. Easy.

One last thing: when I saw the name of the band I thought that it was a sort-of Spoonerism. I thought that somebody had first come up with the name “Tin Sailor” then decided to: a) swap the first two letters of each word; and b) make the first word plural. In other words, I think someone decided to go from the fairly comprehensible “Tin Sailor” to the completely incomprehensible “Sins Tailor”. (Well, the transformation made sense to me.)

Sins Tailor official website
Sins Tailor on MySpace

(*If I receive an email from a musician I’ve never met before, I automatically consider it fabulous.)