Song of the day: Skeleton Staff – "I Was Drunk"

July 5, 2012

After yesterday’s enormous monstrosity of a post, I’ll simply play you today’s song.

Here’s today’s song:

Skeleton Staff – “I Was Drunk (2012)

Official website

Song of the day: Skeleton Staff – "Capsize"

June 8, 2012

I’ve just been notified via that thing we call Twitter that my favourite Australian baroque-power-pop-psychedelic band Skeleton Staff has made a video for one of their songs, “Capsize”.

I’ve just seen the video and…

There’s no other way* to say this, but it’s a dreadful video. It’s dreadful because there’s no, er, video in the video – it’s just a static image.

(Note to band: What are you guys playing at? Is there a subliminal message hidden in that image?)

But at least you get to hear the song.

Skeleton Staff – “Capsize (2012)

And the “video”:

I have a suggestion for the band: why don’t you get some of your artwork (someone in the band is a splendid cartoonist) and animate it using something like Flash? On second thoughts, doing all of that would probably take time away from making music. Scratch that suggestion. Please just keep making music.

(*I suppose there are other ways to say it – it’s a lamentable video, it’s a deplorable video, it’s an execrable video, it’s a thoroughly odious video etc. – but all those terms seem a bit harsh.)

Musical coincidences # 250

May 29, 2012

Today’s Song of the day is the rather splendid “Prince Of Thieves” by Skeleton Staff. Its rhythm is based on this:

Skeleton Staff – “Prince Of Thieves (2011) (excerpt)

And the rhythm of “Like Wow – Wipeout!” by the Hoodoo Gurus is based on this:

Hoodoo Gurus – “Like Wow – Wipeout! (1985) (excerpt)

Yes indeedy.

Here are the full versions:

Skeleton Staff – “Prince Of Thieves (2011)

Hoodoo Gurus – “Like Wow – Wipeout! (1985)

Song of the day: Skeleton Staff – "Prince of Thieves"

May 29, 2012

It’s been aaaaages since I played you a Skeleton Staff song.

Time to rectify:

Skeleton Staff – “Prince Of Thieves (2011)


Incidentally – and this doesn’t have much to do with anything interesting – I was a bit late with today’s post because of a mishap that prevented me from having access to the Internet for a while. The modem cable broke yesterday so I had to nip off to a shop and get a new cable. (It may or may not have been pet-rabbit-related. I didn’t see the cable break, so I can’t really blame the rabbit. Unless it was the rabbit.*)

(*Even if it was, I can’t be angry at Alice. I mean, look at her:

How can I be angry at that?)

Official website

Song of the day: Skeleton Staff – "I Told You I Was Poor"

February 23, 2012

I’m a big, big, big, big fan of Australian neo-psychedelic-baroque-pop-power-pop-music-hall-vaudeville band* Skeleton Staff, and I’ve only just realised that it’s been way too long (37 days to be precise) since I last played you one of their songs. (Note to self: tsk, tsk.)

Here’s a song by Skeleton Staff:

Skeleton StaffI Told You I Was Poor (2011)


“I Told You I Was Poor” is the first track on the band’s latest album, Psychomorphism. Feel free to buy this splendid album. (“The Skeleton Staff Telethon – Helping To Brighten The Day Of Skeleton Staff Musicians Everywhere.”)

Official website
Rock And Roll Tribe

(*Skeleton Staff may actually be the only neo-psychedelic-baroque-pop-power-pop-music-hall-vaudeville band in Australia. I could be wrong, though.)

Song of the day: Skeleton Staff – "Gateway To The Stars"

January 19, 2012

I’ve just realised that the Songs of the day for the last five days have all been resolutely non-Australian, and for what’s claimed to be an Australian blog (i.e., this one) that’s simply unacceptable. (Or, as I sometimes like to say, “inacceptable”. I also like to say “ex-acceptable”.)

It’s definitely time for something Australian.

Here’s Skeleton Staff, an Australian band I may be a little too fond of (I’ve blathered on about them plenty of times before), with a marvellously wonderful and ineffably refulgent song from their latest album, Pyschomorphism:

Skeleton StaffGateway To The Stars (2011)

Oo-wee, I like that song.

By the way, one of the reasons I like it so much is that there’s a part of it that reminds me of an ABBA song:

Skeleton StaffGateway To The Stars (2011) (excerpt)


ABBA – “Under Attack (1982) (excerpt)


I didn’t make that an official* Musical coincidence because I thought the resemblance probably wasn’t strong enough.

Mmm: Skeleton Staff.

Mmm: ABBA.

ABBA – “Under Attack (1982)


(*Note to self: that’s a little pompous, isn’t it Peter? “Official”? Since when is anything of yours “official”?)

Song of the day: Skeleton Staff – "The World In 7 Days"

December 16, 2011

Calling all Jellyfish fans, calling all XTC fans, calling all Queen fans, and calling all fans of Psychedelic Baroque Power Pop (that’s a style of music, not a band name):

Your ship has come in.

The splendidly splendid Australian band, Skeleton Staff, has released its second album, Psychomorphism – and I like it.

(Sorry about the “I like it” bit at the end of that sentence. I know that has nothing to do how you might feel about the album, but it’s something I just blurted out. I’ll try not to be so rash and hasty from now on. I’ll try not to be, er, rashty.)

If you want to know what the album sounds like, it sounds like this:

Skeleton StaffPsychomorphism (2011)


Admittedly, that’s only five seconds of the album. And admittedly it’s all of the songs at the same time. (That is a bit of a mess, so maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to play you all of Psychomorphism at the same time.)

How about I play you one song on its own? (Imaginary response from an imaginary reader: “That sounds reasonable to me, Peter.”)

I’ve chosen the following track solely because it contains a decent amount of jangly 12-string guitar. I know that, for power pop fans, jangly 12-string guitars are catnip, so if any track’s going to entice you to listen to the album it’s gonna be this:

Skeleton Staff – “The World In 7 Days” (2011)


Now that I hopefully have your attention, here’s the whole album:

Before you embark on a Psychomorphism listening spree, I must issue a couple of “beware”s to help you prepare for the album.

Beware # 1: There’s a lot more music in this album compared to the previous one. I don’t mean that they’ve added more songs, I mean they’ve packed more music into each song. There are definitely more vocal harmonies (A Good Thing), and the instrumental backing is much more ornate.

Beware # 2: You may laugh out loud (as I did) when you hear track 8, “Turnstyle”.

Now that I’ve heard the album a few times, I think it’s grand. It’s chock full of positives.

And now for a couple of negatives:

1. No lyric sheet. Grrr.

2. As with the previous album, I’m still not overly fond of a lot of the guitar sounds. (It sounds to me like the band played around with the guitar’s parametric equalizer settings a little too much.) Whatever was used to manipulate the sounds of the guitar, I wouldn’t mind at all if the band stopped using it.

Where was I? Oh, yeah..

Now that I hopefully have your attention, here’s the whole album:

Footnote (although it was typed using hands):

Skeleton Staff’s first album is called Solipsism. This new album is called Psychomorphism. I have to ask: Is someone doing a degree in psychology?

Another Footnote (well, it makes sense to have two feet):

There’s a musical coincidence in track 8, “Turnstyle”. I don’t know if the band wants me to make it public or not, so I’ll just have a quiet word to the guys here. (A quiet word: Psst, guys – was that coincidence in track 8 deliberate?)

Postscript (I didn’t want another footnote):

The guitar part at the start of “The World In 7 Days” reminds me a lot of a piece of classical music, but I can’t for the life of me remember what that classical piece is. Grrr*.

Post-Postscript (this is getting ridiculous):

I found two more musical coincidences in the album, one I reckon might be deliberate and the other probably accidental. I might just email the band…

Buy Psychomorphism at Bandcamp ($10 – well, what are you waiting for?)
Buy Psychomorphism CD at Skeleton Staff’s website ($15 – where you waiting for the CD?)
Skeleton Staff official website
Skeleton Staff on Facebook
Skeleton Staff at Bandcamp

(*I thought it may have been one of the themes in George Gershwin‘s “Rhapsody in Blue“, or “An American in Paris“, but I checked both of those and the tune wasn’t in either of them. However, I finally realised where I’d heard that before, and it is in a piece by Gershwin, but not those. The tune also appears in a heavy metal song. I feel a Musical coincidence coming on…)