Song of the day: Skipping Girl Vinegar – "Making Our Way"

April 30, 2013

I received an automated email from Bandcamp alerting me to a new song by Melbourne band Skipping Girl Vinegar. I could tell it was automated by the way it started:

“Greetings Peter Scott”

That sounds to me as if I was being addressed by an alien. They may as well have said “Greetings Earthling”.

Anyway, Skipping Girl Vinegar’s latest song reminded me a lot of their 2008 song “Sift The Noise” – the choruses of both songs are virtually identical.

Because I enjoyed “Sift The Noise” and posted it on the blog in 2010, I thought I’d post the new song too.

Well, why not?

Skipping Girl Vinegar – “Making Our Way (2013)

Song of the day: Skipping Girl Vinegar – "Here She Comes"

September 6, 2012

My friend Scott (Hi, Scotty!) posted this on Facebook yesterday, but I felt the need to put it here too (‘cos I like it):

Skipping Girl Vinegar – “Here She Comes (2011)

By the way: two more Mike Viola CDs arrived in the post, so I’m going to be a-pesterin’ you with at least two more Mike Viola songs shortly. Be warned.

Official website
Triple J Unearthed

Song of the day: Skipping Girl Vinegar – "Sift The Noise"

August 21, 2010

I’m usually allergic to all that New-Folk* stuff – the kind of music that’s full of scruffy artists armed with acoustic instruments and earnestness (there’s only so much thrift-shop shirts and sensitivity I can take) – but I do like this:

Skipping Girl Vinegar – “Sift The Noise” (2008)


Skipping Girl Vinegar official website
Skipping Girl Vinegar on MySpace

(*Or whatever people call it. Is it Alternative Folk? Alt.Folk? Or do people who don’t like it call it something ruder?)