Song of the day: Slightly Left Of Centre – "Glorious Way"

April 19, 2012

And the requests continue. (Which is fine by me, because it saves me having to think of a song to play you.)

Today’s song has moderately special significance for me because it’s the first solicitation – as in, “Hey, Peter – could you play our song on yer blog?” – I’ve received via Twitter. (It’s also the only time someone’s asked me via Twitter to play something.)

Although I’m not especially keen on the song (didn’t love it, didn’t hate it – it didn’t do much for me either way), it does have two things going for it:

1. The guitarist is left-handed; and

2. The band asked me on Twitter. Woohoo!

Twit-ter! Twit-ter! Twit-ter! Twit-ter!*

Official website
Triple J Unearthed
Buy “Glorious Way” on iTunes

(*Sorry about that. I’m a little excited at the moment.)