Song of the day: The Solicitors – "DDT"

May 13, 2013

The short version of this post

My favourite currently active skinny-tie band, The Solicitors, has released an EP called Made To Measure.

The slightly longer (i.e., less necessary) version

News of The Solicitors’ EP has already been mentioned elsewhere on the Interwebs (like here), thereby making this post a tad redundant, but I want to mention it because… well, because I like The Solicitors an awful lot, and they’ve released an EP.

The SolicitorsMade To Measure (2013)

By the way: although the music of the EP is now available, the CD of it isn’t. You can order the CD now, but you won’t get it until June. That’s only next month. I can wait.


Track four on the EP is a cover of a 1980 song by The Jags.

More Trivia

That Jags song appeared on this very blog quite a while ago.

Triple J Unearthed

Song of the day: The Solicitors – "Pretty Penny"

March 19, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, cats and kittens, gloves and mittens, may I present to you my new favourite Australian power pop song by my new favourite Australian power pop band:

The Solicitors – “Pretty Penny (2013)
[Beware: there’s a wee bit o’ swearin’ – one word at 1:11 – in this track.]

And here’s another one:

The Solicitors – “I Love Your Love (2013)
[Beware: there’s a fair bit o’ swearin’ in this track. But it’s still a ripper track, naughty words and all.]

Oh yeah.

I can, however, imagine some listeners hearing those songs and thinking “Eh, that’s just skinny-tie music. That era’s long-gone, guys. Play something new!”

Well, I’m ready to defend any scurrilous assertions about The Solicitors being derivative:

The music certainly is derivative, but the songs are very strong, and can be held against virtually any other highly-regarded power pop band (circa-1980) you could name. In other words, I think it’s the best skinny-tie music I’ve heard in years.

I was keen, keen, keen to let you know about the band earlier (when I first heard about ’em a couple of weeks ago) but a couple of things precluded that:

  1. There’s a band from England called The Solicitors, and there was a bit of concern whether the Australian Solicitors were going to keep their name. I suggested they change it to “The Solid Sitters”. (With a name that different, those Solicitors from the land of Eng would then have nothing legal to complain about, name-wise – if they were to complain. I’m fairly sure the band themselves would have no qualms with an Antipodean namesake. But you never can tell, when band managers and band publicists and band lawyers get wind of a potential controversy.)
  2. There was a bit of a tussle with record labels expressing interest in the band, and the band hadn’t quite decided which one to go with. I’ve been reliably informed by someone who shall remain nameless [Peter taps side of nose with finger*] says that are now “under the eye of an influential Melbourne indie” (whatever that means).

Both those bugbears have just about been sorted out (almost) – and “just about” is good enough for me to start pestering you with two songs by a band from Melbourne called The Solicitors.

By the way, here some serendipity:

The Solicitors will be playing their first gig tonight, at The Brunswick Hotel in, er, Brunswick (Victoria).

Triple J Unearthed

(*I tapped the side of my nose with my own finger, not someone else’s.)