Song of the day: Something For Kate – "Captain (Million Miles An Hours)"

August 11, 2009

If you found yesterday’s Song of the day too cheerful, then here’s the antidote – Something For Kate with “Captain (Million Miles An Hours)” (2001):


I’m afraid that Something For Kate aren’t the jolliest band around, and the reason for that will become clear rather shortly.

I’ve never quite understood their popularity in Australia. They have extremely devoted fans (they’re devoted with a capital “D”), and critics love ’em. I want to like Something For Kate more than I actually do (which is not a lot). I don’t have a problem with their music, as I generally like their melodies, riffs, chord changes etc. That’s not the trouble I have with Something For Kate. Here’s the trouble I have with Something For Kate:

That’s Paul Dempsey, Something For Kate’s singer, guitarist, and chief songwriter (he’s basically the band-wouldn’t-exist-without-him guy). The web page the above photo came from describes Paul Dempsey as “enigmatic”. That’s not the word I’d use. The word I’m thinking of is “downer”.

Paul may be a very likeable and amiable chap, but the sound of his voice just brings me down, down, down. I like the music he writes, but that voice. If “depression” consisted of two words, those initials would be “P.D.”

I’m trying not to be too harsh (I’m a lover of all humanity – “Judge not lest ye be judged” and all that). Paul may not be a human lithium tablet, so I looked for other photos to show that he’s not all mopey all the time and can smile occasionally, but nope, the photos I found all had Paul looking pretty much like this:

And then I thought that photos of him with his bandmates would lighten his mood (you know, being around friends and fellow musicians etc). Here’s a typical photo of the band:

There’s not much change there, I’m afraid.

Maybe it’s a record company thing, where the record company have deliberately cultivated this brooding loner persona for Mr Dempsey. If so, Paul could possibly whisper in a record company repsentative’s ear and say something along the lines of: “Hey, guys, I’m not depressed every waking hour. Would you mind sometimes taking photos of me smiling?”

Anyway, here’s another of their songs. It’s “Monsters” (2001):