Song of the day: Spitz – "Ai No Shirushi"

September 30, 2012

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of Japanese girl duo Puffy. I discovered – thanks to The 21-year-old Japanophile of the household (Hi, Celeste!) telling me – that one of Puffy’s songs, “Ai No Shirushi” (“Sign Of Love”), is actually a cover of a song by a very popular Japanese band from the 1990s.

The band is Spitz, and Celeste played me that song of theirs. I thought “That’s much better than the Puffy version! I gotta put it on the blog! Now!”

So here I am putting it on the blog:

Spitz – “Ai No Shirushi (“Sign Of Love”) (1999)


And here’s Puffy’s version:

Puffy – “Ai No Shirushi (“Sign Of Love”) (1998)