Song of the day: The Sports – "Who Listens To The Radio?"

March 25, 2011

Yesterday’s track about listening to the radio reminded me of this:

The Sports – “Who Listens To The Radio?” (1978)

Update: Unfortunately, Blogger has let me know in no uncertain terms that something in this post is infringing on some kind of copyright. Exactly what that something is I don’t know, as Blogger doesn’t actually tell you which part of the blog is the naughty part. My guess is the MP3s so I’ve removed them. Hopefully, I won’t get another notice from Blogger about whatever it is in this post that’s bothersome.

By the way, The Sports re-recorded the song in 1979 (and dropped the question mark). Here ’tis:

The Sports – “Who Listens To The Radio” (1979)

Update: See above.