Song of the day: St. Vincent – "Laughing With A Mouth Full Of Blood"

May 25, 2013

I do have some power pop to play you over the next few days, but I’ll continue with the non-power-pop-related “What is he playing now?” posts for one more day with a song I like primarily for the chorus. (I guess this post could more accurately be called Half-song of the day.)

Here is a song I didn’t know existed until about two days ago, when I stumbled upon it whilst sauntering around YouTube. When the song started it was nice enough (it was a pleasant verse, and slightly intriguing, but nothing spectacular), and was thinking about stopping the video to looking for something more interesting when I thought, “No, I’ll wait for the chorus – that might be better”. I’m glad I waited, because I like the chorus a lot.

If you want to skip the comedy stuff and the verse and go straight to the chorus, the first one is at 2:38 in the video:

St. Vincent – “Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood (2009)