Song of the day: Starclock – "Yo Pussycat"

August 24, 2009

Here’s Starclock with “Yo Pussycat” (2002):

Starclock – “Yo Pussycat” (2002)

“Yo Pussycat” appears on Starclock’s self-titled album from 2002. I’ve been playing the album relentlessly since I found it last week. And until last week, I’d never even heard of Starclock.

Starclock is the alter-ego of Christopher Bradley, bass player for US prog-punk-metal band Look What I Did. Christopher recorded Starclock in 2002 and hasn’t released anything else since, which is a pity, because I gotta tell ya: this album is something else. There’s nothing quite like it. Anywhere.

The closest I can get to describing it is to ask you to imagine XTC, Jellyfish, Sugarbomb, Roger Joseph Manning Jr, Frank Zappa (yes, Frank Zappa) – and more – all colliding together in a supernova. Honestly, if you like any of the artists listed in the previous sentence, there’s an extremely high probability that you’ll like this album. A lot. As another blog put it: “The most incredible album by the most incredible band you never heard of…”

At the risk of overhyping Starclock, I can safely say that, apart from “Chetchoaess” (which is just plain weird and takes a bit of getting used to), pretty much every song is a highlight. Christopher is even brave enough to include a cover version of one of Frank Zappa’s most difficult pieces, “The Black Page.”

I tried finding out more about Christopher Bradley but, as far as the Internet’s concerned, he’s rather elusive. Even his name appears to be a pseudonym. And the album itself is elusive, too: it isn’t available on eBay, but it’s available (update: not anymore) at CD Baby, which is where I bought it. Thank you, CD Baby.

(Update II: there’s one used copy at

What an album.