Song of the day: Stereoscope Jerk Explosion – "Bumblebee"

July 22, 2012

Ah, the joys of social networking.

Fellow blogger Mr. Suave (Hi, Mr. S!) put a message on Twitter about a song he enjoyed on the Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More (Ding Ding) blog. I scooted on over there to have a listen, and enjoyed it myself.

The song is an 60’s-inspired instrumental, which is just the kind of thing I’m a sucker for.

Stereoscope Jerk Explosion – “Bumblebee (2008)

Thanks, Ice Cream Man. Thanks, Mr. Suave. Thanks, Twitter. Thanks, Internet.

Album Cover Anomoly:

The name of the album is La Panthère Pop. “Panthère” is apparently French for panther, but on the album cover I see two tigers. I’m confused. Did the band get tigers and panthers confused? Or does the band think that two tigers equals one panther? I don’t get it.

The Album:

I don’t see anything in the song titles about tigers*.

Stereoscope Jerk ExplosionLa Panthère Pop (Vinyl LP-Digipack CD) (2008)

Official website

(*Maybe track 2, “Bengali Corporation” is about Bengal tigers**.)

(**The scientific name for a Bengal tiger is Panthera tigris tigris. So it looks like two tigers can equal one panther.)