Song of the day: Matt Finish – "Always Another"

January 15, 2013

The most recent instalment of Educating Peter on this blog (here) has prompted a vigorous debate lively conversation in the Comments section.

I’ve been enjoying everyone’s views on the matter – the matter being my revulsion at the thought of listening to music from the 1980s – and one comment has led to today’s song.

The talk moved from “Peter doesn’t like the ’80s songs we like” to the always-contentious “greatest 80s band you never heard of”, courtesy of PowerPop‘s Steve Smiles (Hi, Steve!).

Steve stated quite unequivocally that the best unknown 80s band was New York busking four-piece Street The Beat:

As charming and tuneful as Street The Beat were, my vote goes for Australian band Matt Finish.

This is one reason why. It was recorded live in the studio:

Matt Finish – “Always Another” (1984)

No matter how many times I see it, I find that stunning.

Here’s the same video with worse picture quality. But the start of this one has a mini-interview (27 seconds) with Matt Finish leader Matt Moffitt:

Here’s another reason why I think of Matt Finish whenever the topic of great unheralded bands comes up:

Matt Finish – “Fade Away” (1981)

Official website