Song of the day: Stuart Smith – "Better Off In Front"

May 27, 2010

An Australian chap by the name of Stuart Smith emailed me a couple of days ago and asked if I could give his song a bit of a plug. Now, I’m happy to give anyone’s song a plug (the more the merrier’s my motto), so…

Here’s an Australian chap by the name of Stuart Smith (I think I’ve already said that) with “Better Off In Front”:

Stuart Smith – “Better Off In Front” (2010)


Stuart has embarked on a project in which he says:

“I’m … 3 months in to a ‘single per month’ project which will eventually turn into a custom-built album.”

“Better Off In Front” is Stuart’s song for the month of May. As for the project itself, I was intrigued that Stuart used the word “eventually” – it makes me wonder if he’ll just keep going and going, year in year out, and end up making the longest album in the history of music. (For example, in five years Stuart releases his 60-track album.)

Although Stuart is the only Australian artist I know of to engage in this song-a-month caper, I think there’s a power pop artist in the US who’s doing something similar. I’ve forgotten who it is (or I could just be making it up, being the result of a faulty imagination), but I’m fairly sure that there’s some American dude who’s set himself the challenge of releasing a song a week – possibly until someone tells him to stop. Unless you’re Ryan Adams, I don’t quite know why you’d want to do that.

Anyway, Stuart’s much more realistic goal of one song per month is something I can cope with, although I guess it’s more important that Stuart can cope with it. (He’ll have to write and record the songs – all I have to do is listen to them.)

By the way, this is a message specifically for Stuart:

Hey, Stuart, have you thought about changing your name to something more exotic? I don’t know exactly how much the “Stuart Smith” moniker would get you noticed in the music biz. If you do think about changing your name, how about changing it to something like Lombardo De Terrapin III, or maybe Senegal Zimpopo, or how about Righteous E. Slinky? Alternatively, if you want to give off a blues vibe you might want to consider calling yourself Trainwreck Jenkins, or Whistlin’ Bob Stomper, or perhaps Misery McPherson and the Lowdowners. Feel free to email me for more potential rock star names.

And a suggestion for you, too:

Hey, Stuart, you mentioned in your email that you’re a powerpop/rock artist. In that case, you might want to get a photo of yourself holding an electric guitar, not an acoustic. An artist holding an acoustic guitar in a photo screams out “singer-songwriter” (or, worse, “country singer-songwriter”). If you want to appeal to the power pop crowd, make it an electric guitar. And if you really want to appeal to the power pop crowd, make sure it’s a 12-string electric guitar:

Now, that says power pop.

Stuart Smith’s Lombardo De Terrapin III’s blog