Song of the day: Sun Theory – "Halo"

February 13, 2013

It’s Rampant Nepotism Day here at Peter’s Power Pop today.

This post is purely a plug for the debut album by the band my brother Anthony (Hi, bro!) is in. He’s the guitarist. And the backing vocalist. And he produced the album. And mastered it. And he’s my brother.

Go bro, go!

Sun TheorySun Theory (2011)


Song of the day: Sun Theory – "Paint To Water"

December 30, 2011

I’m fully aware that I pestered you very recently about my brother’s new band (Hi, Anthony!), but they have a new video for one of the songs on their new album, so I thought I’d sneak in one more Sun Theory song before the end of the year:

Sun Theory – “Paint To Water (2011)


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Song of the day: Sun Theory – "How You Feel"

December 7, 2011

Nepotism Alert!

My brother (Hi, Anthony!) has a new band. One of the advantages of having a blog is that it allows me to let you know that my brother has a new band.

That guitar-playin’ brother o’ mine was in a band called COW. They played Americana, made three albums, and then decided they wanted to change their music direction a little. So they renamed themselves Sun Theory and that’s what I’m pestering you with today. So it’s not COW anymore, it’s Sun Theory. Musically, it’s still Americana – sort of. To my ears, it’s a wee bit moodier than COW, so I guess that’s the change they made.

Here’s the mini-bio that accompanies their album. It tells the story more succinctly than my effort above:

“Sun Theory is the latest project from a band of well-established songwriters and musicians [my brother’s one of them – woohoo!] from Adelaide, Australia. [Hey – that’s where I live, too.] They made 3 albums under the name COW. In the process of writing and recording songs for a new album, the band sensed a change in musical direction and felt the time was right to reinvent themselves. The result is this collection of 13 songs under their new name, Sun Theory.”

Here’s a track from that collection of 13 songs:

Sun Theory – “How You Feel” (2011)

[My brother is the chap with the black guitar. Go bro, go!]

Some people with my brother.

Sun Theory on Bandcamp
Sun Theory on Facebook
Sun Theory on MySpace