Song of the day: Sunday Lane – "A Little Too Young"

June 24, 2012

Request time!

I recently received a rash* of emails from music publicity company LaFamos PR & Branding** (Hi, folks!). Although a few different artists and genres were involved (thanks for the variety, chaps and chapettes!), I’m afraid that I didn’t respond to a lot of it in what I guess would have been the hoped-for way. Ah well.


Of all the artists and songs I heard (I’m making it sound like there were hundreds, but it was only a few), there was one track that I didn’t mind at all.

It’s “A Little Too Young” by young American folkie Sunday Lane. Sunday’s music is fairly folkie-ish, and her voice reminds me a little of Joanna Newsom (if Joanna Newsom sang a couple of octaves lower). “A Little Too Young” is a little different to Sunday’s regular folkie songs because it’s a bit poppier.

I like it.

Sunday Lane – “A Little Too Young” (2012)


Having typed all of the above, I do want to stress to any musicians / music promotion companies reading this post that I wholeheartedly welcome anything you want to let me know about. I love hearing music I haven’t heard before – and even if I may not fall in love with everything I hear, I’m keen, keen, keen to discover new music. Or putting it another way: Bring it on!

(*Maybe “rash” isn’t such a good word to use when talking about musicians. How about a “plethora of emails”? Or a “squadron of emails”? “Quails of emails”? Anything but a rash.)

(**I hope LaFamos don’t actually, literally, brand their artists – you know, with branding irons and all.)

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