Song of the day: Supralunar – "People Like Us"

December 13, 2012

And now for a bit more oomph.

I received an email by a chap called Petri (Hi, Petri!), who’s in a Swedish band called Supralunar. Petri wanted me to have a listen to their most recent song.

Here’s the email* Petri sent me – with annoying interjections:


“Check out SUPRALUNAR!”

Can do.

A hard rock/powerpop trio from Stockholm, Sweden.

Sounds good to me. (Sweden being the home of one of my all-time favourite bands.)

“Described by some as ‘a mix of Foo Fighters and Sweet’ or ‘like The Beatles but hard’. You be the judge!”

I don’t like to judge. It’s so… judgemental.

“We have a brand new video out for our song “People Like Us” which is the opening track on our forthcoming full-length debut album scheduled for release early 2013.”

Splendid. I’m keen to hear it.

“We also have an EP called Unzip To Rock! released earlier 2012 out on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby etc. You can also find the tracks on our YouTube channel.”

It’s good to know you’re available in a variety of places.

“We hope you would like to link to our video or review our EP on your blog and help us spread the word across Australia :)”

After hearing the song, and liking it a fair bit, I must admit that I’d like to spread the word beyond Australia.


One Supralunar song coming up…

And here’s a making-of:

Thanks, Petri, for letting me know about “People Like Us”.

Official website
Buy Unzip To Rock! at iTunes
Buy Unzip To Rock! at Spotify
Buy Unzip To Rock! at
Buy Unzip To Rock! at CD Baby

(*With just a little tidying up. Unfortunately for Petri, I’m pernickety with grammar and punctuation – although I’m fully aware that I do mess it up from time to time.)