Song of the day: The Sutherland Brothers – "The Pie"

November 20, 2009

Today’s song has absolutely nothing to do with power pop (or Australia, for that matter). It’s just a song that I quietly revere:

The Sutherland Brothers – “The Pie” (1972)


The very first time I heard “The Pie” in 1972 it lodged in my brain and has never left. There’s something about it – I don’t know what – that makes it incredibly special to me. It could be the little Badfinger-esque hooks played on the acoustic guitars, or Iain Sutherland’s voice, or even the overall feel of the song. Whatever it is, it’s one of those songs – I’m sure you have them – that casts an intangible, indefinable spell on you, and no matter what mood you’re in, whenever you hear it you’re transported to a specific place.