Musical coincidences # 215

April 9, 2012

Today’s coincidence has a bit of a back-story attached to it, but I’ll try to make it short.

I recently received a weird email from a music promotion company called ISL Public Relations about a band called Sweet Child. It’s a three-piece from America and the band members look like this:

The odd thing about the email was that it contained two things – that photo and the following question:

“Have You Met Sweet Child?”

I must admit that I hadn’t, and because the email (online version here) had no links in it to the band’s music – or even the band itself – it seemed likely that I wasn’t going to meet them anytime soon. But…

Because I’m a curious kind of fellow, I wanted to hear some music from this mystery band (whose photo reminded me of Josie and the Pussycats). I finally found Sweet Child’s website and listened to the three songs they had there. The first song is the reason for today’s coincidence.

The song is “Love Me Or Leave Me”, and it starts off like this:

Sweet Child – “Love Me Or Leave Me” (2012) (excerpt)


That reminds me of this:

Rush – “Xanadu (1977) (excerpt)


I know that they’re not all that similar, but it’s just one of those things: as soon as I heard the start of the Sweet Child song I remembered that bit of “Xanadu”.

Here are the full versions:

Sweet Child – “Love Me Or Leave Me” (2010)
You can hear it on the Sweet Child website – it’s in the Music section.

Rush – “Xanadu (1977)